Here at ColorwerkzLED we do suggest that customers have our products installed by a professional, if you're not comfortable handling these products on your own we'll be more than happy to refer you to an authorized installer that we trust. If you need immediate assistance you can reach us with our Live Chat feature, or contact us at (248) 974-5725 during business hours, which is Monday-Friday anytime between 9am-5pm EST. After hours inquiries please direct your message to our email: info@colorwerkzled.com, a staff member will respond to you as soon as possible.

General Questions/Concerns:

What exactly is a halo kit?

Let’s start from scratch. The base layer of our halo kits is the PC board that we mold into many different shapes and sizes to mount our RGB LED’s to. Our LED’s are hand placed one by one and baked into place. Each LED is either a 5050 or 3258 product. Within this LED it allows you to cycle through any color you can possibly imagine, besides black of course. They are to be mounted on the interior of a headlight with the exception of our Amphibian (Waterproof) Series.

What does Colorwerkz mean?

This specific model of halo is what we like to call Colorwerkz. Some may call it RGB, Colorshift, Colormorph, Color-Changing, etc. No matter what term you would like to use it will not alter the specs on this product. RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue and with those 3 colors you can come up with any desired color with the push of a button. Every halo kit must be purchased with a remote if you would like to roll through more than just one color. Visit our “Remotes” section to see the available options, or simply select the remote as an add-on under your particular product.

What remote should I select with my Colorwerkz kit?

Remote selection is a matter of preference, our M7 Remote is a handheld remote that you can keep inside the vehicle with you, our Bluetooth Remote is a control box that links to your mobile device allowing you to control your setup through an app.

What does Flow Series mean?

Our Flow Series lighting offers the same colors as our Colorwerkz kit, however, it sets itself apart from the rest with some of the coolest sequential patterns you’ll ever see! Our Flow Series products function with an RF or Bluetooth Plug & Play remote.

What does RGBW mean?

Our RGBW products are almost identical to our Colorwerkz series, the main difference between the two is the fact that our RGBW products produce a hyper-white color, as opposed to our Colorwerkz which produces more of a teal/aqua tone when white is selected. These are ideal for customers that like showing off there lights outside of car shows/competitions, you can legally drive with these halos on white without worrying about any issues.

Install Questions:

What tools should I have ready when it comes time to install? 

  • Pry tool / Flathead Screwdriver
  • Dremel / Cut Tool / Power Drill
  • Epoxy / Superglue Adhesive
  • Rubberwerkz Butyl Sealant
  • Oven (optional) – see mounting options below.
  • Beading Wire (optional) – see mounting options below.
  • Surgical Powderless Gloves (optional)

How do I open my headlight to install a halo?

This is the tricky part, there are two methods installers use on a daily basis. Regardless of which route you take please refer to a few install videos / tutorials on YouTube before starting just to get familiar with the process. Before anything, you'll want to determine what type of seal is on your headlights, you'll either have a Butyl sealant (which will typically only take 1 cycle in the oven), or a Permaseal (which could possibly require a few cycles in the oven).

  • Method 1: Pre-heat oven to 215°. Remove any metal screws from the lens/housings and place headlight in oven for 12 minutes at a time. Some headlights take more cycles than others. Using a flat head screwdriver you will pry the headlight open in 3” increments until it’s completely loose/detached.
  • Method 2: Some prefer to avoid the oven and simply use a dremel or some sort of cutting tool. If you’d rather use a tool you’re going to want to cut along the lens where it meets the plastic of the headlight. Make sure to not cut too deep on your first swipe around or it will melt the plastic and cause buildup around the edges of the headlight.

How do I mount the halo inside of the headlight? 

There’s a few ways to go about this:

  1. Use the 3M adhesive tape found on the backside of your halo ring, be sure to sand the surface you’ll be applying the halos to before doing so.
  2. You can use your every day 2 part epoxy or superglue: simply spread it along the backside of the halo and stick onto it’s desired location.
  3. Use the wire method, which would require drilling two very small holes on each side of the halo and running wire across the top of the halo and through the holes. Once the wire is ran through and you feel as if the halo is secure, simply twist lock the open ends together on the backside of the headlight until firm.

How do I reseal my headlights once the halos have been installed?

As mentioned above, you'll need to determine what type of housings you are dealing with:

  • Butyl Sealed: If your headlights were originally butyl sealed, we recommend you use the same material to re-seal them, however, additional butyl is recommended to ensure they are fully waterproof. It's extremely important that you have the entire outline of your housings sealed to avoid moisture issues.
  • Permasealed: Some headlights are originally permasealed, in this case, you'll already have the permaseal removed from previous steps, we recommend you use butyl to re-seal them, simply because it will make life a whole lot easier for you if you have to open them back up for any reason in the future.

How many different components can I hook up to 1 remote?

This is a question we get almost daily, unfortunately there’s not a definitive answer for this. It all depends on which components you’re installing, however, most of our products can all be programmed and synced together, if you’re unsure please contact us prior to ordering and consult with one of our staff members about your specific setup.

Does ColorwerkzLED offer rush delivery optons?

Yes, we do offer expedited shipping options. Our "Overnight Shipping" option only applies to shipments outgoing anytime between Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm. Weekend shipments will need to be quoted/confirmed with a sales representative prior to completing your order, as some locations will not have the option for Saturday/Sunday delivery. Please contact us today if you're interested in more information regarding rush delivery.

Do you offer returns on items?

Any items returned will require a 25% re-stocking fee, other items will be issued through in-store credit.